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Godinton House and Gardens Sculpture Exhibition 20th July – 11th August 2024

Visitors can enjoy viewing mixed media, glass and ceramics across the 12-acre garden, including a meadow trail and formal gardens which feature the Walled Garden and Italian Garden, a rose garden and twin borders designed by architect Sir Reginald Blomfield.

Exhibitors include popular returning artists Ronnie Dongo, Emily Stone, Paul Harvey, David Gisby, Claire Nelson and Jane Richardson as well as several established sculptors who are new to Godinton such as Carol Orwin and Joel Walker.

Gold Medal!!! What an honour to be part of this beautiful stand by Lou and Steven Edney from The No Name Nursery. Find more about them HERE.

I love how the planting and sculpture enhance each other and tell a story. My elephant is emerging through the varied shapes of their foliage plants.

A new design for an old favourite, my small heart sculpture. At only 6 inches across it’s tricky getting enough detail while still keeping visual space to make it look delicate and uncluttered. I’m very pleased with the finished design, and I think they’ll make great wedding, anniversary or birthday gifts.

Email Stone Copper Fox Sculpture Delamore 1

Fabulous Fox spotted at Delamore in their spring exhibition (now ended) – this one is sold but I have another, newly made, available.


New in April as we burst into Spring and the new season.

More news soon – watch this space.

I make sculptures of animals, plants and occasionally other things, from recycled copper: old hot-water cylinders for sheet which is shaped into butterfly wings and elephant’s flanks, pipe of different thicknesses for legs and stems, wire for whiskers and manes and antennae. Copper never rusts, and can be shaped by beating and coloured by heating and quenching. Where pieces are coloured, I lacquer them so that the colour is fixed. The sculptures will therefore be fine outdoors or inside. Do please roam through my website and see if any of the work attracts you. In twenty-two years of making, there is a lot to see. I suggest you start at the Full Gallery, but there is also a menu to the other pages.

Incredibly proud to have been asked to create this hop bine in memory of a wonderful and vivacious person. The family also wanted it in honour of the dedication and compassion of the staff of the Critical Care Unit at Conquest Hospital, Hastings. 

It is now installed in the sensory garden the hospital have created outside the unit. I hope this sculpture brings a smile to staff, patients & their families.

There are more hop bine examples in my Plants and Flowers gallery.

I am always very proud to have work at Delamore Arts in Devon, and their exhibition will be running throughout May. Pictures from 2023 are below.

A new work to welcome in the spring: a simple branch with tiny delicate blossom, and further buds just showing colour. This piece is intended for wall-mounting and is about 90cm long. Only the blossom is lacquered, so the copper of the branch will deepen to a rich darker brown in time.

Do you know a fisherman who needs a trophy?

I have made the Brown Trout before, but when commissioned to make this one last year I was particularly pleased with the way he turned out. They are always a little different, and this fellow seems just a shade more solid and self-important: the lord of his section of river. The copper colouring (just through heating, to bring out the irridescent sheen – no chemicals) suits the fish perfectly.

Pow! The Lionfish is an exuberant showman. This was a recent commission, and I was delighted to be asked to make one – it has everything: stripes, spots, spines and ridiculous floating feathery fins. He is life-size.

My bird feeders, designed to accompany the water-lily birdbath. I have made three sizes: the largest, seen in the main picture above, is a mad extravagance and needs a large garden space. Also shown is the smallest and simplest, with a close-up detail showing the flower. There are more pictures in the ‘Pond and Garden’ subject gallery.

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