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Welcome to CopperCreatures 2020

During the Coronavirus restrictions I am still able to work, since I’m on my own in the workshop (apart from the doggies of course). However, all of the gardens, exhibitions and galleries mentioned in these pages are closed.

I have also taken some time to work through recent collections of photographs and add some new sections to the main Gallery – do take a look through.

I’m still happy to accept commissions, so if you need something to brighten your life or a gift for someone else – please give me a call on 07714 106649. Almost all of my sculptures can be posted.

It’s always wonderful to see my pieces in their final sites. Here is the Spitfire commission from nine years ago, imaginatively mounted on a wall. I love the effect of the shadow!

My thanks to the owner for his permission to use this image.

My WILD ROSE is the major piece which has dominated my time for the last few weeks. It is a full two metres tall and over a metre across, and contains fully-open flowers, opening blooms and buds; the leaves in contrasting colour catch the light, adding lustre and shape.

I know it’s not technically a ‘wild rose’ – which have a bush shape and smaller simpler flowers – but the spirit of this piece is so extravagant and vigorous, it seemed the right name.

I love the sense of depth – you really need to walk around the sculpture to appreciate the this and the open space within.

As with all my work, all the colour comes from heating and quenching the copper – no chemicals or additives are used, except lacquer to preserve the colours.

Emily Stone copper rosebud sculpture

I got a little sidetracked from what I was going to be making today (Wednesday 19th February) and made this little rose bud. I love being able to just follow inspiration wherever it leads; it often produces wonderful results.

Do visit the new MAIN GALLERY page – I love how well it works. You can click on any image to see information about the price and sizes, and click AGAIN to see a maximum-resolution image.

In the workshop I am catching up with commissions, and looking ahead to other new work for 2020. There are several completely new pieces lurking on the fringes of imagination, and though making new examples of old favourites is great, it’s always inspiring to be able to take time out for a new sculpture. Watch this space!

There’s Ants in the workshop

Emily Stone copper ants sculpture

Currently under development: ants. If you look closely, there are differences between these two, and I shall settle on the basic structure that works best – probably a combination of the experimental ideas. More pictures on the New Work page.

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