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Riverhill Himalayan Gardens at Sevenoaks are holding an inaugral sculpture exhibition from 9th September to 11th October, and I was delighted to be invited to take part. See full details and pictures on the Events and Exhibitions page.

Find their exhibition web page HERE.

A new commission unveiled on Saturday 1st August: I was asked to create a ‘Mrs Reepicheep’ to accompany my original Reepicheep design, and to pair them up to make a his-and-hers sculpture as a copper wedding anniversary present. I think they work very well!

Mrs Reepicheep has no sword, and in place of the plume in her ear-ring she has flowers. Notice the intertwined tails making a heart-shape.

Other images of Reepicheep and my other mice can be found in the Main Gallery and also in the Animals subject gallery.

I don’t work to other people’s designs, but I’m always ready to listen to suggestions and requests, and see if I can find ways to create pieces which meet what patrons have in mind. This one was a delight.

Sussex Prairie Gardens Craft Fair was able to go ahead! With additional spacing and anti-Covid precautions, this was the first event taking place under “the new normal” rules, and I was delighted to be there, with some new work never before seen in public – seen below.

It was a wonderfully successful (though exhausting) weekend, despite some light rain on Sunday morning. Many visitors defied the damp in order to be out and about, enjoying the chance to eat great pizzas, see the gardens, and buy some sculpture.

My new bird feeders, designed to accompany the water-lily birdbath. I have made three sizes: the largest, seen in the main picture above, is a mad extravagance and needs a large garden space. Also shown is the smallest and simplest, with a close-up detail showing the flower. There are more pictures in the ‘Pond and Garden’ subject gallery.

I’m still happy to accept commissions, so if you need something to brighten your life or as a gift for someone else – please give me a call on 07714 106649 or email Emily@CopperCreatures.co.uk . Almost all of my sculptures can be posted.

New work unveiled in April: Rose Bouquet

Three sizes of a new rose bouquet, a free-standing sculpture – click any picture for details, or see the NEW WORK page for the full collection.

Do visit the MAIN GALLERY page – I love how well it works. I have recently added several new collections of photographs. You can click on any image to see information about the price and sizes, and click AGAIN to see a maximum-resolution image.

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