• Emily Stone copper Elephant pair sculpture

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A very exciting development recently was the invitation to take part, as one of four guest sculptors, in an exhibition of art by around sixty new artists in a vacant unit at the prestigious Bluewater Shopping Centre. Most of the artists had never exhibited in public before, but the resultant display is astounding.

The exhibition closes on November 1st, but has been a great success. All credit to the organising team, and to Bluewater management for their support. Visit the Copper Creatures FACEBOOK PAGE (link at top right) for more infomation and a KMTV video interview.


Pow! The Lionfish is an exuberant showman. This was a recent commission, and I was delighted to be asked to make one – it has everything: stripes, spots, spines and ridiculous floating feathery fins. He is life-size.

In the workshop I have been making woodpeckers and water-lily bird-baths, rabbits, ducks and ducklings, and a recent new piece, originally as a commission: a pearl-bearing clam-shell, either open or with a raised lid. (I know that pearls really grow in oysters, not clams, but oysters are ugly shapes.) Do you have a pearl anniversary coming up? Or could you see this on your window-sill at home, catching the sunlight? The Dictionary of Symbolism tells me “The pearl is a symbol of perfection and incorruptibility; it is a symbol of long life and fertility, and because of its lustre it is often considered a moon symbol. Buried within the shell, the pearl represents hidden knowledge, and it is highly feminine.”

Do take a browse in the main gallery for your perfect gift – I’m always happy to accept commissions, and if you phone me I can tell you how long it would take to make any piece for you. It will depend on size, complexity, and how many other orders are waiting.

Two new pieces from 2020 – see my New Work page for further details.

My new bird feeders, designed to accompany the water-lily birdbath. I have made three sizes: the largest, seen in the main picture above, is a mad extravagance and needs a large garden space. Also shown is the smallest and simplest, with a close-up detail showing the flower. There are more pictures in the ‘Pond and Garden’ subject gallery.

I’m still happy to accept commissions, so if you need something to brighten your life or as a gift for someone else – please give me a call on 07714 106649 or email Emily@CopperCreatures.co.uk . Almost all of my sculptures can be posted.

Do visit the MAIN GALLERY page – I love how well it works. I have recently added several new collections of photographs. You can click on any image to see information about the price and sizes, and click AGAIN to see a maximum-resolution image.

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