• Emily Stone copper Elephant pair sculpture

Welcome to CopperCreatures

I make animals and plants, and occasionally other things, from recycled copper: old hot-water cylinders for sheet which is shaped into butterfly wings and elephant’s flanks, pipe of different thicknesses for legs and stems, wire for whiskers and manes and antennae. Copper never rusts, and can be shaped by beating and coloured by heating and quenching. Where pieces are coloured, I lacquer them so that the colour is fixed. The sculptures will therefore be fine outdoors or inside. Do please roam through my website and see if any of the work attracts you. In twenty years of making, there is a lot to see. I suggest you start at the Full Gallery, but there is also a menu to the other pages.

On Safari at Godinton House and Gardens

The Godinton House annual sculpture exhibition is outstanding this year, and they have welcomed several of my larger pieces, as well as more affordable rabbits, fish and flowers. If you look carefully, you can see that my giraffe, above, is gazing across to the elephant mother and calf. For more pictures of this year at Godinton, with details of opening times, click HERE.

Sussex Prairie Gardens

In a beautiful and very unusual garden, always a fascinating and enjoyable visit! See more details on their website HERE, or on my Events and Exhibitions page.

I feel an outbreak of butterflies coming on…

Exciting news: new venue

New in 2022 is our exhibition of a substantial collection of sculptures to be seen around the gardens of Herstmonceux Castle, Sussex.

Already there? Click HERE for the Herstmonceux sculptures guide.

Built in 1430-70, the castle is the largest brick-built structure of its age.

The estate is vast – some 300 acres – so that when the Royal Observatory at Greenwich needed to move out of London’s smog in the 1950s, Herstmonceux was able to tuck it way in a corner of the grounds without the slightest inconvenience.

The gardens are laid out in a variety of settings, from formal walks and huge herbacious borders, to an enchanting magic garden where my over-sized foxgloves now add to the fairy-tale feel.


Beetroot! Do you love the colours? I really enjoyed this one. When they really come to life, it’s actually hard to imagine that this was a part of the side of a hot-water cylinder at the start of last week.

Click on any picture to see the detailed image.

Pow! The Lionfish is an exuberant showman. This was a recent commission, and I was delighted to be asked to make one – it has everything: stripes, spots, spines and ridiculous floating feathery fins. He is life-size.

Do take a browse in the main gallery for your perfect gift – I’m always happy to accept commissions, and if you phone me I can tell you how long it would take to make any piece for you. It will depend on size, complexity, and how many other orders are waiting.

My bird feeders, designed to accompany the water-lily birdbath. I have made three sizes: the largest, seen in the main picture above, is a mad extravagance and needs a large garden space. Also shown is the smallest and simplest, with a close-up detail showing the flower. There are more pictures in the ‘Pond and Garden’ subject gallery.

Do visit the MAIN GALLERY page – I love how well it works. I have recently added several new collections of photographs. You can click on any image to see information about the price and sizes, and click AGAIN to see a maximum-resolution image.

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