Prices and Designs

Gallery pricing, the images, and new work

Each piece I make is unique, hand-made by me, Emily Stone.

When I create a new design, usually the first example is photographed and shown in the website ‘new sculptures’ page, and either that picture or a subsequent version will eventually be incorporated into the Gallery pages.

Cockerel and hens sculpture

However, designs are not fixed and static; when I create a new example of an existing design, the copper and the making process lead to a unique result. If you examine a row of tulips, or a line of ducklings, you will see that they all differ from each other. They have their own quirks and personalities; it’s one of the best things about hand-made things compared to mass-production.

Likewise, a design may be revised and adapted. I have for example made a variety of chickens and cockerels, in different sizes and positions, some with more detail, and some simpler. Some sculptures lend themselves even more to variation, and mushrooms, leaves, and butterflies in particular will vary widely in design, detail and size – and therefore also in price. For these reasons, the pictures in these galleries are just examples of each subject. I am constantly developing ideas and refining designs. I try to update the pictures and prices shown to keep them relevant to what a purchaser would receive, but these are shown here only as a guide. Also, if requested, I can adapt designs to particular needs, or work to a given budget – if practicable.

The chief factors affecting price will be the amount of detail in the finished piece, the size, use of lacquer, securing steels, and mounting. Even the raw price of scrap copper, and the source and thickness of the copper, are factors. If it is a new subject, some design and research time must be allowed.

In short: the sizes and prices shown are intended to give an honest guide to a simple, small, or typical version of the design. If you are interested in variations, would like a price for a piece you have seen, or to commission a piece with a particular variation or requirement, please contact me.

My prices are the same across all venues – galleries, gardens, or direct from me.

I am trying to keep things as simple as possible, and yet to be as flexible as possible; but due to the large variations in pieces made to the same original design, it can sometimes appear confusing. If in doubt, please ask!

You can reach me by email at or by phone at 07714 106649; or there is a contact form here. Please enjoy browsing the website!