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Born: 1979

Training: Mostly self-taught. Foundation Year at Kent Institute of Art and Design, Canterbury; two years at Hereford College of Art and Design.

Emily began working as a sculptor in a converted potting shed at Worth Plant Centre near Deal, Kent, in the summer of 2001. Since then she has moved a couple of times and is now firmly established in her workshop near Dover, Kent.

She uses recycled scrap copper – mostly old hot-water cylinders, pipe, wire from industrial uses, and sheet copper from (for example) the roof of Chilham Castle when it was re-covered in 2003.

She is a prolific sculptor, and her work covers a wide variety of animals and plants. It varies in size from ants to elephants, from mice and mosquitoes to a life-size horse, from a delicate spray of wisteria through arum lilies and bearded iris to seven-foot sunflowers and Halloween pumpkins.

Please see the forthcoming and past exhibitions pages of this website for further details of significant events.

One important element of Emily’s work is the way it captures the essence or spirit of the subject. The sculpture is not representational, but is so lifelike that people who, for example, do not like creepy-crawlies find her spider sculptures make them uneasy. The mare is often patted and stroked by horse-lovers. Even the farm cat was startled when it met one of her geese, and approached with great caution.

Although Emily normally works from studying animals in the wild, by photography and sketching, she has also undertaken commissions for a Spitfire, a Land-Rover and a yacht in rough sea.

The sculptures are suitable for use indoors or outside, and many of her larger pieces have been placed in gardens. The popular lizards and butterflies are fitted with mounting loops, so they can be hung on walls. Autumn leaves can be placed on a window-sill, perhaps with a hedgehog for company.

It is important to Emily that her smaller pieces remain at prices accessible to anyone. She believes that buying and owning art is a vital part of creating your own home, and that it enriches people’s lives.

Her work may also be seen in:

  • Fire and Iron Gallery, Leatherhead
  • Pashley Manor Gardens, East Sussex
  • Sussex Prairie Gardens
  • Lovely’s Art Shop and Gallery, Cliftonville
  • Kuskovu Gallery, Prague

From its opening to the public in 2007 (seen below) until 2017, Emily was Artist in Residence at The Salutation, Sandwich

See also the additional information in the ‘INFORMATION ABOUT THE SCULPTURES‘ page.