Emily Stone sculptures at Herstmonceux

Most of the sculptures shown below have now been withdrawn for the year, but I’m planning to be back in the spring and arrangements will be similar to those described here. If you have any questions, please phone Emily on 07714 106649.

Find directions to Herstmonceux on their own website, HERE.

To buy sculptures: for items under £300, please ask at the Gallery in the courtyard. When the gallery is closed, or for items over £300, please phone Emily direct on 07714 106649.

Emily Stone Swan and Nest sculpture Herstmoceux

The Swan and Nest group in the moat. I love the reflections you get in the water, echoing the curves of the bulrush leaves.

These pieces can be bought separately or in combinations: the swan in her clump of reeds, the swan and nest, and individual bulrushes (which can be seen and purchased in the dry moat at the rear of the castle).

Prices: Swan, nest, and 11 bulrushes (complete group): £3,745

Individual bulrushes are £95 each.

Emily Stone copper fish on sticks sculpture Herstmonceux

The fish on sticks are quite hard to make out against this background – see the other picture below.

They are mounted on a thin stem, wavy to suggest water ripples, and this allows some movement in the wind. I also like the reflections in the water, where any ripples add movement.

There are three sizes:
Large – £245
Medium – £135
Small – £95

Emily Stone copper chickens sculpture Herstmonceux

My chickens come in large and small sizes, and then there is the cockerel with his resplendent tail and wattles.

They are provided with a short steel rod which pushes into the ground, and the chicken leg slots over the rod, holding her in place. That makes them easy to move for mowing, or to reposition. A large part of the fun of owning them is to be able to find them new patches to peck from time to time.

Large hen £125 (40cm wide x 38cm tall x 30cm deep)
Small hen £95 (30cm wide x 25cm tall x 23cm deep)
Cockerel £185 (44cm wide x 55cm tall x 30cm deep)

Cockerel sculpture

The cockerel

Emily Stone Bulrush sculpture Herstmoceux


The curl of the leaf brings a graceful line to the piece, and in a pond or lake the the reflections in the water complement the shapes. They work well in large or small groups, or even singly, and can be placed in a pond or nearby. (Beware if your pond has a liner membrane! These rushes are installed by pushing a steel rod into the ground, then slotting the leaf and the reed onto it.)

Height varies, for effect, up to 150cm; all the same price, £95 each, including the steel rod for fixing.

Emily Stone copper Fish on sticks sculpture Herstmonceux moat

My fish on sticks don’t have to be used in a watery setting – I have seen them placed in a clump of long ornamental grasses, so that they are sporting above a grass sea, which waves gently below them when the wind blows.

They are mounted on a thin stem, wavy to suggest water ripples, and this allows some movement in the wind.

There are three sizes:
Large – £245
Medium – £135
Small – £95

Emily Stone copper Greyhound and hares sculpture Herstmonceux

The greyhound stands alert having spotted the hares, which have not yet seen him. Is the hopping hare coming to warn them of the danger?

The boxing/dancing hares are displayed as a pair, but can also be purchased individually. They do leap and dance about on their own, in spring.

Hares, whether hopping or dancing: £925 each

Greyhound: £945

Emily Stone copper Tulips sculpture Herstmonceux

My tulips, with their strikingly-coloured leaves, come in different sizes and varieties. The parrots have a splash of gold in the frilly petals; the open have the added detail of stamens inside the open cup of petals.

The large are about 95cm tall, and the small are about 47cm-57cm.

Seen here:
Parrot large £125, small £85 each
Closed large £125, small £85 each
Open large £145 each

Emily Stone copper Lilies sculpture Herstmonceux

My oriental lily is a detailed sculpture, the stem having pairs of alternating leaves, and the big confident multiple flower-heads are all integral and essential to the flamboyant nature of the plant.

Heights vary, around 130cm tall; £425 each.

Emily Stone copper single Rose sculpture Herstmonceux

My single rose stem, with a spray of five leaves, and a fallen petal resting on the simple wooden block plinth, is a statement of love and grace, quintessentially English.

The wooden plinth and the petal are part of the sculpture; it all goes together.


Emily Stone copper Foxglove sculture Herstmonceux

My giant Foxgloves are perfectly at home in Herstmonceux’s Magic Garden, helping the fairy-tale feel of this woodland glade.

£345 each

Emily Stone copper Periwinkles sculpture Herstmonceux

My Periwinkles are delightfully simple, elegant flowers, perhaps providing a touch of bright colour in seasons when the garden is drab and brown.

Large £85 (Width 25cm, 100cm tall)

Medium £75 (Width 18cm, 85cm tall)
Small £65 (Width 13cm, 70cm tall)
Bud £65 (Width 9cm, 60cm tall)

Emily Stone Daffodils sculpture Hestmoceux

My golden daffodils are in two sizes, both larger-than-life: the large is 100cm tall, and the small is 70cm tall, measured from the ground. (There is a slender steel rod below, to push into the ground. They are easy to move for mowing etc.)

Large £195 (45cm wide, 100cm tall)

Small £125 (30cm wide, 70cm tall)

Emily Stone copper Crocodile sculpture Herstmonceux

My crocodile is huge, over 12 feet in length, although in this setting he is dwarfed by the castle. It was great fun endowing him with aggressive teeth and spiky triangles all down his back.

This sculpture has improved greatly with age. He now looks like a Jurassic monster, with his weatherbeaten patina.

Life-size (360cm) £3,850.

If you have any questions about these sculptures, or others on the website, do please phone Emily on 07714 106649.

We hope you enjoy your Herstmonceux visit. Do return to see the garden in different seasons; and the sculptures, too, will change during the year.