Emily Stone Copper Flower Tulip Sculpture Spring Meadow

tulip sculptures

I have made four basic designs of tulip, and the classic and open varieties can be seen here on a spring hillside, in the small, large and (for open only) giant sizes. The others are Rembrandt (or Parrot), a frilly variety where I allow the braze to make a contrasting colour, and the Elegant (or Lily), which will be seen elsewhere in the gallery.

My tulips have been developed largely for the annual Tulip Festival at Pashley Manor Gardens, East Sussex, where I have been exhibiting for many years. The tulip displays there each Easter are amazing, and I suspect many of my customers have just been trying to take away a little of the effect with them.

Prices from £85 for the small classic, up to £145 for the open large; and the open giant is £325.