Emily Stone Copper Flower Wild Rose Sculpture 1

Emily Stone Copper Flower Wild Rose Sculpture

My ‘Wild Rose’ was my first large work of 2020. (It is not technically a wild rose, which has smaller simpler flowers that hardly look like what we think of as a rose at all. This is an exultation of the spirit of a rose, free and reaching for the sky. ‘Wild Rose’ in that sense.)

It is a very large sculpture: over two metres tall and over a metre in width, so it needs a large space to be seen properly. However, if you don’t have room for something of this size, the big advantage of the Wild Rose is that it can be scaled down – just a trailing branch, or a climbing swirl across a wall; or a single stem with a simple spray of leaves, one flower and one bud, in a vase indoors.

Prices on demand for different sizes and ideas – give me a call on 07714 106649, or email Emily@CopperCreatures.co.uk .

The Wild Rose as seen: £2,850 .