Unique Gift Suggestions

Each piece I make is unique, hand-made by me, Emily Stone. 

On this page I have collected together some of the sculptures I make, as gift suggestions, with guide prices.  For a fuller range, please explore the Main Gallery and scroll down the New Work page. If you have a specific budget in mind, we can discuss options. 

Please allow sufficient time for pieces to be made, especially at busy periods of the year. Sculptures can be ordered on the ‘Buy or Commission‘ page of this website, or phone me on 07714 106649 with questions or to place an order.

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Individual leaves are horse chestnut, sycamore/maple, elm, small ivy, oak, and holly pair with berries; oak pair, small sycamore, and oak and holly singles. Prices from £30 to £175 depending upon size and detail.

vine heart oak and maple sculpture
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The small vine heart is £75, and the medium is £155. The Blue Marlin is four feet long, and costs £725. Click any image for further information.

Three boats sailing, mounted on a wooden plaque where the natural grain suggests waves and shoreline, priced at £225. Small and large closed tulips £85 and £125; and small, large and giant open, £125, £175 and £285.

Bearded Iris, 4-5 feet tall. Notice how the shapes of the leaves make gothic arches: a row of three, five or seven can create a partition in the garden, separating one area from another. £185 each. Butterflies vary in size, colouring and price: from £45 for small ones, up to £85 for the large shown here, but there are extra-large and giant versions.

A hop bine with hops and flowers, symbol of long life and fertility. 28 inches wide, £525.

My sitting mouse! 9cm tall, £55. The wedge of cheese is £40. The simple holly and ivy circlet to go around a candle (not supplied) is £75.

A larger wreath, made with large and small ivy and holly leaves with berries, £225. The wreaths can all be wall-hung if desired because they have a loop on the back. I also make mistletoe! For a more unusual gift, try a scary spider: small, medium and large at £65, £95, £125. There are also giant ones.

The bold and unmissable anemone flower. Small and large versions, £185 and £325. The water-lily bird bath is £195.

My versatile woodpecker, unmounted at £165, or on a post at £225.
Fishes, strongly coloured: £85-£125 each. I have made a huge range of fish in many shapes and sizes, from £40 – £425.

For more ideas, please look through the other Galleries – or give me a call: 07714 106649.